Join us for the Opening of Lyrical Abstraction on July 8th at 4PM.

“Lyrical Abstraction” features dream-like scapes showcasing traces of texture amidst flowing washes of pigment.

Sarah Delaney and Nina Irwin’s mixed media work are portals into dialogue and discovery; colours, textures, gestures and washes reflect expressive exchanges.

Delaney’s spontaneity of form suggests gestural abstraction, or action painting, while her expression is meditative and contained in scale. Her choice, placement and form of colour gestures offer a visual equivalent to a spoken exchange, where the development of ideas in succession says something beyond any single phrase or sentence.

Originally from a small town in North Western Ontario, Sarah Delaney moved the the coast to pursue art in 2004. She currently lives in Vancouver where she works as an artist.

Kansas city based painter Nina Irwin’s interests are archaeology, history, and art history.

Nina believes making something beautiful is certainly enough for many people but she seeks a deeper level inside her own art. Below the surface level of each piece, Irwin strives to layer symbolism so the audience can achieve a sense of discovery, similar to her own.

Irwin’s work has been praised by renowned art critic Jerry Saltz.

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